Born and raised in the Philippines, my family and I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2002.

My family and I had our first home in West Vancouver, BC, where we enjoyed the beautiful but relatively secluded and quiet city. But the children – we have two – grew up and have their own lives now and we found that we don’t need such a big space anymore. Now, we live in the more bustling city of North Vancouver.

With more time on my hand, I decided to be a licensed mortgage broker and I have been for over a decade now. I believe that my success as a mortgage broker is due to the fact that I always think of my clients as family and that the best way I can help them is to take the extra time to listen to their specific requirement, needs, challenges, concerns, and their short and long-term plans.

I am very active in supporting the Filipino Community in BC. And I also take time to enjoy life by travelling, socializing or hiking on the numerous mountains of beautiful BC.

Hiking on Mt Baker in Washington to view the spectacular autumn foliage. P.S. I didn’t hike in my dress, I carried it in my backpack and changed when I reached the top. But I hiked down in my dress hitched to my hips
Enjoying a vacation in Portugal with my hubby.
A photo with Prime Minister Trudeau.
The reason for my being – my family.
Filipinos herald the Christmas season by playing the music of the one and only
Jose Marie Chan.
Enjoying the emerald water of Joffre Lakes with the majestic mountain range as backdrop.
A winter hike up Garibaldi Lake took over eight hours. I was exhausted but it was worth every step.
Feeling star-struck meeting the heartthrob Gabby Concepcion – a step back in time of the Dear Heart era.
A bridesmaid for a dear friend’s wedding. What a view!
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